Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find all the answers for the most commonly asked questions around topics such as delivery, returns policy and product usage, that we receive from our customers. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for please contact us.

General questions

Are Natural Earth products recyclable?

All our products are made from organic and natural raw materials so can be composted or put in organic vegetable waste bins

What material is the packaging made from?

All our product packaging and delivery packaging is made from cardboard or paper and is fully recyclable, compostable or can be put in vegetable organic waste bins.

Do Natural Earth deodorants leave stains?

Our products do not leave any white marks on dark or black clothing or yellow or other stains on light or white clothing.

Where can I store my deodorant?

Don’t store in a wet area and keep out of direct sunlight. The bathroom is ok as long as it is not hot and steamy all the time.

How long will my deodorant last?

Your deodorant should last 6 to 8 weeks dependent on how many times you bathe or apply it.

How often should I apply deodorant?

Apply after bathing to your dried armpit or once a day. Re-apply again if sweating more due to heavy exertion.

Can I use on shaved armpits?

Armpits may be sensitive after shaving so we advise using the deodorant 12 hours after shaving to allow the skin to settle down.

Questions about Natural Earth

How is Natural Earth reducing its use of plastic?

We do not use any plastic in our product packaging or delivery packaging. It is all cardboard or paper based that is recyclable, compostable or can be put in organic vegetable waste bins.

Product usage questions

How do I get my deodorant out?

When you first use your deodorant to start it off, turn the tube upside down and use your two thumbs to press the bottom to crack the deodorant and push it out. It should push up easy from now on and with continued use.

My deodorant is stuck in the tube?

If you have already used your deodorant and you can’t push it out. Use two thumbs to push it back into the tube this will loosen the deodorant and you should be able to use it normally from now on.

How do I apply the deodorant?

Push bottom of deodorant a little to expose 1mm to 2mm of deodrant at top of tube. Wipe and apply a thin layer of deodorant onto your arm pit and cover all the area. One layer is enough.

Will my deodorant melt in hot weather?

Unless over 45 °C, your deodorant will be ok. If it does start to liquify in very hot temperatures, put in the fridge to cool down and solidify.

My deodorant is very hard?

Unless out of date, this may be caused by not using regularly or daily. To soften, hold exposed end on armpit for 2 or 3 seconds to melt the surface and apply as normal.

Questions about our ingredients

Do you test on animals?

None of our products or raw materials are tested on animals.

Are your products vegan?

All of our raw materials, products and packaging are vegan.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

All our products and packaging is organic, vegan and from sustainable sources. We source our raw ingredients as close as possible to our production operations to reduce transport environmental impact. Our products and packaging are compostable and can be discarded in vegetable waste bins and our packaging is totally recyclable.

I have developed a rash?

If you have developed a rash stop using the deodorant and let us know via customer services. The rash may be caused by the sodium bicarbonate which creates a higher alkaline PH which can affect sensitive skin. We are developing sodium bicarbonate free deodorants so look out for these on the web site.